___________Zoey 3-1-02 to 2-20-13






Zoeys racing name was AMF Park Place and we adopted Zoey on 10-16-2004. Zoey from the very beginning was a very spunky girl. She came to us with a bandaged tail and was always sensitive to anyone touching her tail. She was also very terrified of a crate. But, over the years she became the most gentle and easy going little girl. She was always bald everywhere underneath, and could never grow any fur. Zoey had many scars that she came in with from the track and some went entirely around her waist. But, she had the most beautiful eyes and that could melt your heart. Zoey tried to be in charge but seemed to always play second fiddle and she was happy with that. We would buy her new toys but, she always went back to her favorite worn soccer ball. The soccer ball went with her everywhere. Zoeys most favorite treat was a banana. Zoey always livened up our house and we miss her very much.



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