_Our Sweet Sheena March 16, 2005 – March 17, 2014

Our Sweet Sheena became a member of our family on August 3, 2012. Our time with her was not near long enough, but we have memories of her that will touch us for a lifetime.

She was an angel, a gentle creature who always behaved. The one time we can remember her being naughty was on her second day with us. She chewed up the door knob leading to the garage, and that was only because she wanted to go along for a ride to be with her new humans.

There are so many things about Sheena that we miss: The way she would exuberantly squeak her toys in celebration of mealtime. How she would do spins for her favorite treat, baked chicken breasts. Her energetic “crazies” when she’d run down the hall; abruptly stop on a dime; pivot; then do it all over again. Her athletic beauty flying through the air when she would run full throttle at the dog park.

We miss the softness of her ears and the expressiveness of their movement when she heard something in the distance. We miss her beautiful, kind eyes, and her silly, toothy grin. She loved laying on her back for a belly rub, and we gladly obliged.

We believe all things and the timing of things in life happen for a reason. There was a reason why we found each other that summer day in Door County at the Renaissance Fair. We are grateful for having found a sweet girl to love, and equally grateful for the humans in her life that have become our dear friends in the Heart Bound Greyhound Adoption family.

Sheena gave us her trust and unconditional love and she will always be with us.

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