T's Gettie Up, known as Gettie had quite the stellar race career for a girl. She had 101 races (19 wins, 18 seconds) and won the Night of the Stars for a grand purse of $16,000. She was then retired to a farm and had two litters of puppies. When the owner was done with her he gave her up for adoption. We got her when she was 8 years and 3 months. She still had a lot of spunk and we could see why she was a good racer. Gettie was a rare color being white with blue brindle. She had the softest coat of fur, like two coats and she shed a lot. So, we have her all over everything. She even had a little Mohawk on top of her head. We thought that was where she got all her spunk. With all her racing she had no scars that we could find. She took no guff from anyone and we think that is how she survived all those years at the track and the farm. But, yet Gettie was very gentle and loved to get any attention, especially belly rubs. She also, loved food and would never miss out on any treats offered. We will miss you Miss Gettie, the house is not the same without you.



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