Binks 12/8/97 – 3/8/10




She was a petite fawn girl with a darker muzzle and ears, and a tremendous over-bite. Binks was a “work in progress” as she was afraid of all dogs but greyhounds. She was allowed to join in at many Meet & Greets with the other participants alert to her fears and watchful for her potential reactions. The most she would do was to bark her distrust at those dogs who tried to come too near. Time mellowed Binks and she learned to ignore those furry aliens in her later years. Binks visited the people at Park View Health Center with us and had many admirers there. In fact, some still ask for her. “Binksie” passed away at home (with the help of the Home Care Vet) on March 8, ending the pain of osteosarcoma. She is dearly missed. See you at the Bridge, Sweet Girl. Dave, Max & Chris Nobbe



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