_Tony (Flamboyance) April 2002 - October 16, 2012



I first met Tony in Wichita, KS in June 2007 at the track's adoption center. As I passed by Tony's kennel, he play bowed and pushed his nose through the door's opening to get my attention. Tony had broken his leg in his final race more than a year earlier and no one had yet adopted him yet. Sara and I visited him two more times before we left Kansas to head home and each time, he got excited when he saw me. On the drive home, I decided he needed to be my dog or, rather, I needed to be his human since he picked me. He was transported up to Jolliet, IL on June 29 as one of many aboard a refurbished greyhound bus. Dave, Sara's husband, drove down with me to pick him up.

I was worried bringing in a third greyhound home who'd never met Sara or Cooper but everything went just fine. Tony became my traveling bud to every greyhound event because he traveled so well. Tony never met a human or animal he didn't like. Tony would cock his head and trot over to meet new people. He was laid back but outgoing, affectionate, and happy. His eyes always looked deeply at me with so much love and soul.

He would cockroach and when I'd move a few inches away, he would wiggle his body, while still on is back, to get closer to me for lovin'. He shared my couch. He shared my bed. But mostly, he shared his heart. I think about Tony often and I miss him dearly.

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