Sara Berra 11/2/2000 - 8/11/2008



     I know some of you never got to meet her. She had some trust issues and easily spooked so I couldn't take her in public much. Those who did meet her knew what a special little pup she was and realized all the progress she made in her nearly four years with me.

     I'll miss her sleeping in bed during thunder storms. I'll miss her little head tucking into my lap to get chin pets. I'll miss her nudging me while I'm at the computer and her patience with two boys in the house. I'll miss her flying through the house jumping on my bed with such vigor that the mattress would move several inches...all because she was so excited to have me home.

     A day won't go by that I won't think about her. She's made my life richer and happier for having been in it. And I know she takes with her a peace and calm knowing she was loved. As Cooper picked her to come to our home, he will miss her most and Tony will never forget her.

     She'll be over the bridge, playing with all the other pups who have passed before her and she'll no longer need to be afraid of anything.



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