LIBBY 11-8-2001 to 2-11-2013






Libby came to live with us in October 2006. Her racing name was Battle Zone. Libby was a return. We saw her at a Meet and Greet and felt sorry for her and decided to adopt her. She came in with severe separation anxiety and hated to be left alone. She didn’t care if there were other dogs in the house, she wanted a human at home at all times. Libby was our beautiful platinum blonde. Most unusual color coat and the softest fur coat we have ever felt. She was a pretty good racer too and the name Battle Zone seemed to fit her. She could barge into anything. Libby was not graceful and proud of it. Libby was always her own assertive girl, never really part of the pack. She did it her way. Libby loved to place her head on your knee for some petting every day. We miss her dearly.



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