Airborne 2/10/07 Remembering

     It was a hot cherry pie, just out of the oven. The cherries were purchased in Door County and the crust was a new recipe, lovingly made and anticipated. It was cooling on the mesh metal table in the sunroom.

     Enter BDK’s Airborne, newly adopted from the Fox Valley Greyhound Network. The smell…the temptation…the big nose overturning the fresh hot cherry pie onto the carpeted floor… This was the first of many lessons this big fawn and white boy taught us. Keep any and all food far out of his amazing reach!

     He was Christopher’s and my first dog ever. Dave was the only “experienced” dog owner in the family. None of us had ever heard of “counter surfing” or “group roos” or “cockroaching” before. Airborne gave us quite an education. We enjoyed learning so well that we adopted Jar Jar Binks from RGA a few years later. She came with her own set of eccentricities – the worst of which we jokingly blame on her foster parents, Larry & Robyn Phillips.

     One of the many bennies of being owned by greyhounds is the wonderful people we meet and spend time with at Meet & Greets, Reunions, and Pet Therapy. One special memory is the trip we took with the Phillips’ and Pankrantz’s to the Greyhound Hall of Fame in Abilene, KS. That is where Airborne got to see his grandsire, Dutch Bahama, on a plaque. They let all 13 of our dogs into the place!!!

     Wherever he went, this handsome boy made an impression on people. (We won’t mention the poor fellow he lifted his leg on at the dog park…he actually wasn’t that upset!!!) Airborne, who could be aloof in the beginning, blossomed with the years. On his last (and as it turned out, final) trip to Lakeside Animal Hospital, he befriended an old gentleman who was waiting for his daughter to come out of an examination room. She heard her dad talking to Airborne, and had to come out to see who it was that had engaged him so. “I knew it had to be someone special,” she said. “Dad’s always loved the greyhounds.”

He was an ambassador to the end. Max, Dave and Chris Nobbe



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